Visit North America at with Etihad Airways 49,384

Now visit North America at ease with Etihad Airways! Find more frequent Abu Dhabi transit flights from Dhaka to NewYork/Chicago/Washington/Toronto. Also, you can rest assured as Etihad is the first airline in the world to vaccinate all pilots and cabin crew onboard against COVID-19.

Flights Starting from:
– Dhaka-New York BDT 49,384
– Dhaka-Chicago BDT 64,582
– Dhaka-Washington BDT 64,582
– Dhaka-Toronto BDT 73,942

Updated Abu Dhabi transit flight schedule:
*Flight EY240 Abu Dhabi → Dhaka | 09:30 → 16:20 Sunday, Saturday
*Flight EY245 Dhaka → Abu Dhabi | 17:55 → 20:55 Sunday, Saturday
*Flight EY230 Abu Dhabi → Dhaka | 19:20 → 2:10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
*Flight EY235 Dhaka → Abu Dhabi | 03:40 → 06:40 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

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